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Repetition and Practice

As a goalkeeper you have chosen a position that requires a different set of techniques and skills from those of outfield players! One could argue an extra set of skills and techniques!

These specialist skills and techniques need to be practiced  with a goalkeeping coach and with any ‘learning of techniques and skills’; repetition and practice are key!

Whether it be the core life skills of learning to speak or read and write or learning to play the piano – practice and repetition are key!

As a famous goalkeeper said, “the more I practice, the luckier I get”. This is a classic comment on the rewards of practice.


As I stated before, goalkeeping has it’s own set of techniques: catching, footwork, diving, jumping, throwing, kicking and skills: shot stopping, one v one, decision making, communication, dealing with crosses and distribution. These need to become learnt, automatic behaviours so that in the heat of the game you can re-produce the correct technique or skill when needed, enabling you to be a competent and confident performer!

If you want to reach the very top or just ‘be good’! You need regular teaching, coaching and practice!


You bring your physical attributes coupled with dedication, determination and a smile and we will provide the learning and teaching environment you need to make you the best you can be!


Originally published June 21st 2012

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