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The Soccer Goalkeeper

We’re not the crowd favourites, we’re the unsung heroes, we’re the architects of all, hard fought one-­?zeros. We’re the saviours,
that nobody sees,
yet one mistake
has you all on your knees. We are at the core,
of every good team,
to carry the burden,
to secure all the dreams,
to catch nothing but flak,
to be targets for abuse,
any time we concede, you’ll claim we’re no use, But as well as good hands, we have very thick skin, and that pure determination to let nothing in.
Are we bothered? Not us, we’re the ever present great, bouncing back every game, never mind how you berate. We don’t score the goals but put ourselves on the line, consistently making saves so sublime.
We don’t score the goals, but we’ll win you the game, and we don’t need the crowd, to chant our name,
we’re the one at the back, who just gets the job done, and that, my friends,
is why we’re number one.

Written by: Jayden Maharaj

Originally published June 21st 2012

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